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Services We Offer

We're a small agency but we do some amazingly great work in a HUGE way! From a small website to custom-made content and android apps to designing brand logo design, amazing product packaging and print collateral, we’ve got it covered.

We are developers, crazy designers, pensive thinkers, creators and social media addicts.

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Create your corporate identity

Avail our services and create branding material which include:

  • Logo
  • Theme
  • Visiting cards
  • Document header
  • Envelope design
  • And much more..!
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Spread brand awareness

Once you’re done with the aesthetics. Next steps:

  • Facebook promotions
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Experience digital advertising

We execute creative strategies for advertising your brand through:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Adwords
  • SEO
  • Just to name a few
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Design print material

We help you in the time of need, whether it is an event or print ads of any sort:

  • Backdrop
  • Standee
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Print ads
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Web and Apps

Websites and apps is what everyone is talking about.

  • Website management
  • Website development
  • Android app development
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RedTank Studio

A Digital Creative ThinkTank

At the RedTank Studio, we love designing creative strategies and experiences for our clients. With some amazing work in our bandwagon, we seek every opportunity to help our clients to outshine their brand in the digital world.
We have the expertise you need in building your brand, creating a theme, writing content, promoting websites using SEO or helping you build yours. Along with that, we help you in overcoming digital barriers such as promotions through catchy and effective social media ad campaigns, use of Google Display Network (GDN), managing your facebook page and keeping your brand responsive 24/7.


Spread brand awareness and educate the customer about your brand.


Experience a flood of comments and queries to the otherwise dormant page.


Target where the customers are. There is nothing which can stop you!


You will be everywhere on the internet.

Our Work

At RedTank Studio, we’ve done some great work that we are proud of and have crafted some really cool designs that engage and touch people everyday.

We're creative, we're agile and we're passionate with design at the center of our existence.

Way of Work

01. Idea

Share your business idea with us and tell us how you foresee your brand.

02. Discussion

Sit over with our team for a cup of coffee and discuss your creative strategy. Ease up and scoop nitty-gritty on how you can develop your brand.

03. Design

Our team of designers and managers design your brand collateral in a few working days.

04. Content management

Creation of any kind of content for support or a tagline can also be included in the discussion.

05. Development

This is the step where your brand hits the digital market, Facebook and Google ads will be all over and your website will start getting instant hits through SEO!

06. Delivered

Our delivery is only complete when you reach your goal.


Using different advertising appeals and methods, we create innovative ways to disseminate your message to your audience and reach the advertising objective set by us.


We create a perfect and striking blend of colors, font, graphics and create themes that go with your brand’s style.


Creativity is our lifeline. Using our creative expertise, you will see your brand coming alive each day!


Marketing and advertising is not restricted to billboards, press ads or the expensive television commercial. We work on digital specific strategies to make the most out of your brand.
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Contact Us

We're eager to craft some great design strategies and campaigns for you! Get in touch with us by filling in the form below. Someone from our RedTank Studio team will surely get in touch with you at the soonest!
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